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2016 / 2017?
« on: Saturday, 28. May 2016, 21:50:48 »
My congratulations to "Wolle" for catching the championship and bringing netracingeurope to a next level with Assetto Corsa after the time with rfactor and my quit as NRE-Admin.  :thumbup:
I couldn´t race so often as I wan´t because real life circumstances and lost some passion in online racing but I think that it will come back ´til the next season starts.
But I´m really proud of my teammate Maik who has claimed te top three in the championship and he´s working really hard for that.  :happy:

So let us talking about the upcoming season(?)
I´ll try to throw just some words into the discussion:

- Tor Poznań (Laser scanned)?
- Vallelunga?
- Hockenheim out because no proper (legal) version
- RedBull Ring should be stay at the schedule as tribute to the league admin

4 months left   :cheers:
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Re: 2016 / 2017?
« Reply #1 on: Sunday, 29. May 2016, 18:36:03 »
Congratulations to Wolfgang who had a really cool and tough battle in Monza with me. He is a very passionate and friendly person as well. Wolfgang has got everything what a good league organizer should have.
Not only Wolfgang, but all the other people in this league are a very good community. I am glad that i joined it.

Past season I've chosen the McLaren MP4/12C, which was a very great car. It was a pleasure to drive it.
But maybe there is another car waiting for me to try out. At the moment my thoughts are going to Ingolstadt with the ultra sexy Audi R8.

I am looking forward to the next season. I hope I can show my talent in my first complete season, but I have still many things to learn.

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Re: 2016 / 2017?
« Reply #2 on: Wednesday, 01. June 2016, 22:11:59 »
Thanks guys :)

RedBull Ring will be an official AC track next season. Since it is really cool to race there - yes, will be surely in.
Hockenheim would deserve a better version. But - our race there was good, even with poor graphics. We'll see.
Poznań, hmm. Never tried it. We'll see.
Vallelunga, a clear YES.

The most important: WE NEED MORE DRIVERS! Get your friends here. We saw that last season, a grid with 12 drivers is better than a grid with 8 drivers.. Imagine a grid of 20 drivers with the behavior we had from our drivers here already. Yes Fabian, our Battle at Monza was very very delightful :) More of this please :)

Please understand that atm i need some vacation from NRE. Just a few days, maybe 2 weeks. I got heavy workload the last weeks at my real life job, working at full throttle 11h a day really powers me out.  :exhausted: