It remains exciting 2019-02-09 12:04:29

Wolfgang keeps his good flow - Harald keeps contact!

Silverstone showed us a good performing Wolfgang and a calculating Harald. They finished 1st and 2nd, which rises the tension for the race in mexico: Both have to win this race if they want to get champion of the FLC. Could it be any better ;)?

Stefan Nydegger was the 3rd driver at the podium already showing a quite big distance to the 2 front runners. Seems his switch at the shifting paddles cost him some performance, keep it up this way!

Maik Rybak scored again 4th place, Bob Herps and Ronald Fuchs - who struggled pedal issues -  got 5th and 6th. Unluckily Mika Behrens wasn't able to finish.

That's it, only 7 drivers were showing up this time. Gustavo and Stefan Meissner declared real life matters interfering the race date, no info from the rest. Come on guys, you registered for more than this...

Let's hope we get a decent field for the final race in mexico!

Detailed results:


cheers, Wolfgang


Kronthaler wins Hockenheim  2019-01-25 16:50:53

Kronthaler wins Hockenheim!

But this time the other driver of Team Carbon gets the glory, Wolfgang dominates the event with pole, fastest lap and the very important win. We count now 2 wins each for Wolfgang and Harald, who still leads the table because of the better provisional points.

Ronald Fuchs claims his best season result with pos 2, counting now two 2rd places and the second place! Very good season for you Ronald! Gustavo Galhardo show´s another solid performance and completes the podium with place 3.

Best season result for Maik Rybak (4), followed by Stefan Nyderegger (5) which had to get in common with a new shifting procedure. Bob Herps (6) had possibly too much sex prior to the race and wasn´t concentrated like it should and Harald Kronthaler (7) destroyed the car a few laps to the end, both got their worst result of the season so far. Ralf Becker (8), Stefan Meissner (9) and Mika Behrens (10) complete the points for Hockenheim.

Sad but true Stephan Exner got some kind of login problems and missed the race therefor. Sorry man, hopefully we can sort out this for Silverstone.

Detailed results:


cheers, Wolfgang

Monaco 2019-01-12 16:51:43

Phuu, Monaco has been a very tough race. Pole sitter Wolfgang wasn´t able to prevent Harald Kronthaler´s phenominal start from 2nd place. From then on, Harald has never been in danger to NOT winning this race. The same means for Stefan Nydegger for the 2nd place. We all know it will only be a matter of time until Stefan wins his first race. The last place on the podium reached Ronald Fuchs, who defend his podium with all his routine. Grats to the podium and all racers that finished this race!

FLC Race Spa 2018-12-21 17:22:38



We saw very discliplined drivers, very fair driving from everybody. We saw an unbeatable Harald Kronthaler, a surprising Bob Herps and a homecoming Stefan Nydegger at the podium. Grats to the podium and the uprunning drivers. All finished a hard race with 80+ minutes, well done!

RULE CHANGE: PLP 2018-12-12 19:53:50

Rules regarding PLP UPDATED, read more at the regulations.