What's stands NRE for:

Netracing Europe (NRE) is managed by experienced sim racers who started their online racing career in the German NASCAR Championship (GNC) run by Virtual Online Racing. From the beginning NRE has been a home for serious sim racers who's passion is clean and fair racing.

NRE drivers have always been interested in the technical aspects of sim racing which led to the development of customized tracks and mods being used in NRE events. A homepage has been built for NRE that provides all needed information and a sophisticated results database developed exclusively for NRE. The game server is online around the clock to allow flexible times for online racing.

NRE is a vital community that provides more than just racing weekends. The forum is the home of the NRE drivers family and the place for members to share their passion and experience. Face-to-face meetings have taken place to meet the fellow racers in person.

NRE principles

The History of NRE

Netracing Europe was born in December 2004. NRE's 'parents' are oval racers Wolfgang Kronthaler and Sven Kowalik who were thinking about a league that was a little bit different to the leagues that were popular at those days. Instead of testing a mod that was just released for a couple of races and then move on to the next mod Wolfgang and Sven wanted to do a league that is consistent over one season and is able to establish a kind of family feeling.

Also the focus shifted more towards road racing and cars other than stock cars. Sven was working on the homepage of NRE every night for three months to give NRE a decent outfit. Besides running the league NRE was also busy with the first worldwide exclusively distribution of licenses for rFactor. NRE lost the contact with Gjon Camaj from ISI after Wolfgang left NRE due to private reasons. NRE suffered another severe setback when Sven pulled out of NRE in a middle of season 2009 because of real life issues.

At that time former GNC racing fellow Matthias Fisch took over responsibilities from Sven so that NRE was able to continue. Sadly the community had lost quite a few members either to real life or to the emerging hype in sim racing: iRacing. Matthias did all his best to run the league with the CART98 mod, but after season 2011 when a couple of races had to be cancelled due to lack of participants he decided to switch back to sports cars like in the old days of NRE.

Matthias revived the contact to former NRE racers offering them a seat in a GT3 car for a season of 10 weekends. His plan worked out pretty well. Among other mates Sven Kowalik came back to NRE where he supports Matthias in administration of NRE. In 2009 Matthias asked his former class mate Stefan Meissner for help in setting up a new website for NRE since the previous one was teared down with the departure of Sven. At that time the domain name of NRE changed from org to com. While working on the homepage Stefan got gradually more involved into online racing and thus after some sporadic appearances in 2010 he got infected by the racing virus. Since 2011 is not only active behind the scenes but an integral part of the NRE's starting grid.

As actual writing this paragraph, we have February 2015. Meanwhile, NRE is looking forward to ensure another 10 years lifetime. Since Rfactor has been outdating thru several new racing sims, 2015 will be a year of changes for NRE. We race the last season with rFactor, in the same time we started a Assetto Corsa Development series. With our approach to racing sims - building own mods for use in our GT3 Masters - we need this series to get familar with the new kid in town called Assetto Corsa. The same time we're switching back to the originally used .org domain. The .com domain will expire at the end of 2015 together with our rFactor activities.

Long time NRE racer Marcel Abraham joined the admin team as well as Wolfgang Kronthaler joined back to the admin team as initiator of the Assetto Corsa Development series.

Series & mods

NREs inaugural season kicked off in March 2005 running rFactor with the ETCC 2003 mod. Short seasons took place running Porsche/Megane Cup and F3 mod as well as V8 Supercars and a special event running IMSA Prototypes in Sebring in 2006. In the following year the BMW 1 series and the Formula Lengend cars appeared in NRE. The move to open wheelers was completed by introducing the Champcar Mod by IDT in 2008 that was followed by the CART Factor Mod by Racing Line Development. 2013, 2014 and 2015 we used our own GT3 Mod with rFactor, from fall 2015 on we move with Assetto Corsa.

2005: NRE Touring Euro Cup
2006: NRE Touring Euro Cup, F3, IMSA Prototypes, V8 Supercars
2007: NRE Touring Euro Cup, BMW 1 Challenge, Formula Legends Cup
2008: NRE Champcar Challenge
2009: NRE Indy Legends World Series
2010: NRE Indy Legends World Series
2011: NRE Indy Legends World Series
2013: NRE GT3 Masters
2014: NRE GT3 Masters
2015: NRE GT3 Masters using rFactor
2015: NRE Assetto Corsa Development Series

    NRE uses Assetto Corsa from now on

2015/16: NRE GT3 Masters
2016/17: NRE GT3 Masters
2017: NRE Porsche Racing Cup [PRC17]
2018: NRE Porsche Racing Cup [PRC18], Formula Lotus Challenge [FLC]


2005: Wolfgang Kronthaler, Sven Kowalik
2006: Wolfgang Kronthaler, Sven Kowalik
2007: Wolfgang Kronthaler, Sven Kowalik
2008: Wolfgang Kronthaler, Sven Kowalik
2009: Wolfgang Kronthaler, Sven Kowalik
2010: Matthias Fisch, Stefan Meissner
2011: Matthias Fisch, Stefan Meissner
2012: Matthias Fisch, Stefan Meissner, Sven Kowalik
2013: Matthias Fisch, Stefan Meissner, Sven Kowalik
2014: Matthias Fisch, Stefan Meissner, Sven Kowalik
2015: Matthias Fisch, Stefan Meissner, Sven Kowalik, Wolfgang Kronthaler
2016: Wolfgang Kronthaler, Stefan Meissner
2017: Wolfgang Kronthaler, Stefan Meissner
2018: Wolfgang Kronthaler, Stefan Meissner
2019: Wolfgang Kronthaler, Stefan Meissner